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Injector test for pulverizers

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Injector test production

Special Diesel is specialized in the production of injector test pumps for pulverizers, with related spare parts such as pressure gauges 0-600 and 0-400, pumpers for injector test, valves, self-tapping tanks, calibration thicknesses, naphtha pipes fittings 14/12×1,5 and naphtha pipes fittings 14/14×1,5.

The function of the injector test pump is to ensure precise control of the P, R, S and T type pulverizers, controlling the opening pressure, the characteristics of the sprayed jet and the tightness of the nozzles.

Special Diesel supplies kits containing two types of tube for connection to the injector test, in the standard sizes 14/12×1.5 and 14/14×1.5, related self-threaded tank and assembly instructions.

The correct functioning of this product is guaranteed only with the use of fuels that comply with the ISO 4113 Standard.

Injector Test

Two versions with a 0.600 bar manometer and a 0.400 bar pressure gauge are available, the Nozzle Tester can detect any malfunction of the pumping unit.

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